Businesses fumbling cloud-based big data priorities

The latest survey conducted by CA Technologies, has revealed that 84 per cent of businesses are now attuned to the potential benefits of big data hosted in the cloud. This serves to indicate that word about such systems is spreading quickly across the world.

Of those organisations that have already adopted big data at this point, 88 per cent believe that it will help them to boost revenues, or have already begun to experience the positive benefits of adoption.

However, TechRepublic reports that there is a discrepancy between the eagerness with which the cloud is being used to fuel big data expansion and the levels of access that businesses are comfortable in providing to employees.

Just over a third of respondents said that they intend to raise the rates with which staff were given access to the data and analytical tools afforded to them by the cloud.

The upshot of this could be that most employees remain in the dark about the way that big data works, which could be a limiting factor in the growth of many businesses. Meanwhile, control over this market will remain in the hands of a relatively small group of experts.

This will be good for the individuals who are already trained in how to best use big data platforms, but could mean that the next generation of individuals who could potentially operate in this field will not get the opportunity to do so, because access to platforms is so restricted at the moment.

Some observers argue that businesses and the cloud industry as a whole need to do more to democratise access to the data and tools which are being deployed at present. Without this, the true potential of this technology may be a lot harder to realise.

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