Public sector workers must overcome cloud trust issues

A survey of workers in the public sector has found that 92 per cent of those employed by government funded organisations have reservations about the use of cloud computing as a result of security.

The study, conducted by Huddle, concluded that just over a third of public sector staff have yet to encounter any form of cloud computing, while 43 per cent said that they still deal with paper documents on a regular basis.

This means that close to half of all those employed in the public sector still rely on the somewhat archaic practice of printing out files, so that they can be sent to a relevant recipient through the post, rather than utilising online storage solutions to deposit and transfer data in the cloud.

Report spokesperson, Alistair Mitchell, explained that this lack of trust in the cloud was compromising the ability of public sector workers to collaborate and cooperate effectively with one another in the modern workplace.

The lack of efficiency that this leads to is seen as unsustainable by analysts, which is why cloud providers are being urged to do more to foster positive reputations surrounding security.

Mitchell said that while staff are enthusiastic about the potential benefits of the cloud, the lack of confidence in the available platforms is worrying. It is also recommended that the government provide more training and education surrounding the cloud, so that there is less to fear.

Another of the complaints that exist among those in the public sector is the amount of time that the migration of data to the cloud can consume, with 85 per cent of respondents citing this as a concern. Again, this is something that both providers and IT decision-makers can do more to tackle in the coming years.

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