Users remain biggest risk to cloud security

A new report published by CloudLock has concluded that it is the users of cloud services that are most likely to leave a particular platform vulnerable to security breaches, as opposed to the provider or the infrastructure on which a solution is based.

In fact analysts discovered that while the majority of users are relatively conscientious about the security requirements associated with using the cloud, a single percentage point of people is responsible for the problems faced by the modern marketplace.

This means that while plenty of businesses may be concerned about the impact that malicious third parties can have on cloud security, the reality is that it is more likely their own employees will be the cause of any breaches that do occur.

Part of the problem comes down to the fact that different users are provided with different levels of access and different privileges. This means some users can do much more damage than others, even if they are unaware of how dangerous their actions might be.

This is where the interaction between user vulnerabilities and malicious third parties come into play, because analysts argue that hackers are looking to exploit users with privileged access to enterprise IT systems via the kinds of phishing tactics that are common across the internet.

In many instances only a handful of users need to be tricked by hackers in order to provide access to private data and manipulating individuals is often easier than attempting to take on the significant security resources which cloud providers have at their disposal to prevent direct attacks from succeeding.

Businesses should ensure that employees are properly trained so that this kind of exploitation is less likely to occur. They should also deploy systems which can work out whether accounts are behaving as they should so that erratic activities and fraudulent use can be stamped out.

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